Saki Akai Farewell Match BACKSTAGE ~Strong, Noble, Beautiful~

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11/28, 2023

Rewards of Saki Akai Farewell Event BACKSTAGE ~Strong, Noble, Beautiful~【Please refer to the below instructions to receive the rewards】 •BTS video of the Event •Digital Portrait with Autographs •Digital Photos of the Event •Exclusive Privilege to write a message to Saki Akai •Double chance to earn goods with hand written autographs ■How to Receive *Portrait photos will be able to download from the gift box of WRESTLE UNIVERSE after December 6th(Wed). *The delivery of the prize will serve as notification of winning the goods with handwritten signature and message. ■Precautions for Broadcast *The broadcast is planned to start from 20:00, but please be aware there might be some delays. *Try reloading the page if the video doesn't start even after the time comes. ■Video available until Jan, 31(Wed), 2024 12:00(+09)

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