WRESTLE UNIVERSE Pay-Per-View Guideline

This Guideline is applicable together with the "WRESTLE UNIVERSE Terms of Service" and other guidelines based thereon (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Terms of Service"), and constitutes a part of the Terms of Service. Users are requested to confirm the details before purchasing the live Pay-Per-View content viewing service (hereinafter referred to as the "PPV Service").

1. Definitions of Terms

  • The definitions of terms used in this Guideline shall be in accordance with the definitions in the "WRESTLE UNIVERSE Terms of Service" in addition to the definitions in this Guideline.

2. Overview of the Service

  • The PPV Service refers to a live pay-per-view content viewing service provided through "WRESTLE UNIVERSE" (hereinafter referred to as the "Service" together with the applications that must be installed to use the Service) operated by CyberFight, Inc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as "CyberFight", "we", "us", or "our"). Users are requested to make purchases after confirming the precautions, etc., stipulated for each content.

3. Purchase of Content

  1. Users shall follow the required procedures to apply for the purchase of each content, and a purchase contract shall be formed upon completion of said application procedures. Cancellation by the user after the purchase contract is concluded is not permitted.
  2. Payment for each content will be made by credit card or PayPal.
  3. The content, price, and viewing conditions (including, but not limited to, the availability and duration of archived viewing) of the PPV Service differ for each content, therefore, users shall be responsible for confirming the precautions, etc. specified for each content before making a purchase.
  4. Users who are under eighteen (18) years of age, must obtain the consent from a person with parental authority before making a purchase.
  5. CyberFight will not issue receipts or other documents regarding usage fees paid by users for the purchase of content.
  6. In the event a dispute arises between a user and a settlement agent over usage fees, etc., the dispute shall be resolved between the parties concerned, and we shall not be liable for any loss or damage, except for reasons attributable to us.

4. Prohibitions

  1. Users shall not engage in any of the following acts:
    1. Transferring, reselling, or auctioning off accounts;
    2. Acting or posting comments that unfairly discriminate against or defame CyberFight, performers, third parties, etc.;
    3. Unreasonable downloading, reproduction, adaptation, making transmittable, posting/uploading to other services, distribution, delivery, reprinting, publishing, selling, etc. of the contents, or using the contents for purposes other than viewing;
    4. Using a third party's account to view content; or
    5. Other inappropriate acts similar to the above, posting comments, etc.
  2. In the event that a user engages in any of the prohibited acts set forth in the preceding paragraph, we may suspend all or part of the Service, restrict the use of the Service, or take any other measures that we deem appropriate.
  3. If a user falls under any of the items of Paragraph 1, we may demand compensation from such user for any and all damages (including reasonable attorneys' fees) suffered by us as a result of such action.

5. Disclaimer and Waiver of Warranties

  1. CyberFight provides the applications on an "AS IS" basis and does not warrant that such applications will operate properly or that such applications are free from defects.
  2. CyberFight does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, reliability, or usefulness of the PPV Service or any content or information obtained by users through the PPV Service.
  3. CyberFight shall not be held responsible if the purchased content cannot be viewed due to reasons attributable to the user, such as malfunction of the communications terminal or communications service used by the user.
  4. CyberFight reserves the right to suspend, terminate, postpone, or cancel distribution of part or all of the contents (hereinafter referred to as "suspension, etc.") in the following cases:
    1. In the event that CyberFight or organizers of an event are unable to distribute content;
    2. When distribution of content cannot be implemented due to system failure, communication failure, or other security issues;
    3. In the event content distribution cannot be made due to force majeure, such as natural disasters, epidemics (including cases in which we respond to requests for self-restraint by government or local public bodies that do not involve legally binding force), etc.;
    4. When distribution cannot be made due to fire, power failure, other unforeseen accidents, or in the event of war, conflict, upheaval, riot, labor disputes, etc.;
    5. When CyberFight's operation becomes impossible due to laws and regulations, or measures based on such laws and regulations; or
    6. Any other instances that CyberFight deems necessary.
  5. In the event of suspension, etc. of part or all of the distribution of contents pursuant to the preceding paragraph, we shall notify the user to that effect in advance. However, this excludes cases where there are urgent circumstances.
  6. CyberFight shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user as a result of suspension, etc. of the distribution of any or all of the content in accordance with Paragraph 4.However, this excludes cases where each suspensions, etc. of Paragraph 4 is caused by reasons attributable to us.
  7. We shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user arising from the use of the Service other than those listed in the preceding paragraphs, except in cases where there are reasons attributable to us.
  8. In the event that CyberFight is liable to a user for damages based on default or tort in accordance with the Consumer Contract Act, CyberFight shall compensate the user only for direct and ordinary damages incurred by the user, up to an amount equivalent to the usage fees for the PPV Service for the purchased content that caused the damage. However, in the case of intentional or gross negligence on the part of CyberFight, this limit shall not apply, and CyberFight shall compensate the user for any damages incurred.
  9. CyberFight shall not be involved in any disputes between a user and any third party (including other users) other than CyberFight with respect to the PPV Service.

6. Refunds

  1. CyberFight may issue refunds to users when all deliveries are suspended in accordance with Article 5, Paragraph 4, or at CyberFight's discretion.
  2. Refunds shall be made in cash, and the following items shall apply:
    1. Refunds will be made in a manner determined by CyberFight within the refund period specified by us;
    2. Refund procedures shall be conducted by the user himself/herself from the account at the time of purchase. We shall not be obligated to provide refunds for requests for refunds made from accounts other than the account at the time of purchase, or requests for refunds made in any other way than those specified by us;
    3. The amount of refund the user shall be limited to the purchase price, and no refunds shall be made for communication costs or other costs incurred by the user in making the purchase;
    4. We will pay refunds in accordance with the details of the user's application. In the event the details (account information, etc.) submitted by the user are incomplete, we shall not be held liable for any delay or inability to make a refund; and
    5. Refunds may take some time, and users shall not object to this.

7. Terms and Conditions for the Use of the PPV Service

  1. Users may use all information, etc. provided in the Service, including PPV Service content, only within the scope specified by CyberFight by connecting to the equipment designated by CyberFight through telecommunication lines and displaying or downloading it to their telecommunication terminals.
  2. The rights to all content provided by CyberFight in the PPV Service shall belong to CyberFight or the rights holder who authorized CyberFight to distribute the content or entrusted the distribution of the content (hereinafter referred to as the "Companies"), and the Companies shall not license users to use or license any patent right, utility model right, design right, trademark right, copyright, know-how or other intellectual property rights owned by the Companies.

8. Alteration/Discontinuation of the PPV Service

  • We may alter or discontinue contents of the PPV Service (including the validity period of the right to use each content) at any time for our convenience. However, in cases where there is significant impact on users, a reasonable period of advance notice shall be provided in accordance with Article 9. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by users as a result of the alteration or discontinuation of the provided services, except for reasons attributable to us.

9. Revisions to this Guideline

  1. In any of the following cases, CyberFight may revise this Guideline by specifying the effective date of change, and by publicizing the fact that the Guideline will be revised, the content of the changed Guideline, and its effective date by posting the revised Guideline on this Service or a website separately designated by CyberFight, or by other appropriate means, in advance.
    1. If the revisions are compatible with the interests of the user; and/or
    2. Where the content of revision is not contrary to the purpose of the transaction pertaining to this Guideline and is reasonable in light of the necessity of the revision, the reasonableness of the content after the revision, and other circumstances pertaining to the revision.
  2. Any revision to the Terms and Conditions pursuant to the preceding paragraph shall take effect from the effective date of the preceding paragraph, and the revised Terms and Conditions shall apply to the member or user.

Effective Date: January 23, 2023