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Bloody Sunday 2023

東京・王子Basement MON☆STAR
4/22, 2023

■Match Lineup ○The 1st Match Moeka Haruhi vs Yoshiko Hasegawa ○The 2nd Match Grappling tag match Shuichiro Katsumura & Munetatsu Nakamura vs Takuya Wada & Takeshi Okada *There is no decision by 3 countfalls, and victory or defeat is decided by giving up or referee stop. *All blow attacks are prohibited. * Rope escapes are not allowed, and referees will judge if the time runs out. ○The 3rd Match Secret Captain Fall Elimination 6 man tag match Hartley Jackson & Yumehito Imanari & HARUKAZE vs Takeshi Ohka & Soma Takao & YuuRI *Both teams will select one captain, and the 6-man tag match will start with only the ring announcer known. *Each time one person is disqualified, it is revealed whether the disqualified person is the captain or not, and the team that first disqualifies the captain of the opposing team wins. * In addition to the usual pro wrestling rules such as 3 count fall and give up, the over the top rope rule will be adopted where if you fall over the top rope and fall out of the arena, you will be disqualified. ○Main Event Mizuki Watase & Shota vs Keisuke Ishii & Shinichiro Tominaga

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