Pocchari Joshi Pro-Wrestling Launch Match "Wrestle & Pochative"

東京・王子Basement MON☆STAR
4/14, 2019

2019.4.14 Tokyo Oji Basement MON☆STAR Ganbare Pro-Wrestling "Pocchari Joshi Pro-Wrestling Launch Match "Wrestle & Pochative"" is delivered! *Some parts may be muted due to copyright reasons. Please note. ■Match Lineup ○The 1st Match Special Pocha Libre Match ~First Impact By Pretty Pochadoras~ Da Pump Matsumoto vs Beauty Suzuki ○The 2nd Match Second Pocha Libre Match ~ Pocchari army vs Mad Slender army Innocence RIZAP War Miss Mongol & Busu Mongol vs Moeka Haruhi & HARUKAZE ○Main Event Beyond the Chubby ~The Value Of Mixed Public-Private Road~ Yumehito Imanari vs Yuna Manase

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