Aquarium Pro-Wrestling in Yokohama・Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Fun Winter Vacation Edition

  • TJPW
  • PPV
12/10, 2023

Yuka Sakazaki's last street wrestling match under TJPW, the Aquarium Wrestling! It's packed with valuable off-shot footage that was not included in the main video. Moreover, exclusively for purchasers, it comes as a special edition set with: 1) Five types of digital portraits of Yuka Sakazaki & MagiRabi 2) A lottery ticket for a chance to win a hand-signed item with a message. ■Collection Method ※One type of digital portrait can be received at the time of purchase, and the remaining four types can be collected from the gift box in WRESTLE UNIVERSE after Dec. 21 (Thursday). ※Winners of the hand-signed item with a message will be notified by the shipment of the prize. ■About the Broadcast ※We plan to start broadcasting on ARCHIVE from 20:00, but there may be a few minutes delay before the broadcast starts. ※If the broadcast does not start on time, please reload the page. ■Casts Yuki Arai, Arisu Endo, Nao Kakuta, Yuka Sakazaki, Suzume, Rika Tatsumi, Shoko Nakajima, Hyper Misao, HIMAWARI, Mizuki, Raku, Miyu Watanabe, Koyuri Nanba ■Viewing Period Until 2024 February 29th (Thur) 12:00

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