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New Year's Current Explosion!

  • DDT
1/7, 2023

New Year Electric Explosion! ■Match Lineup ○Opening Match 30min. Yukio Nataya vs. Takeshi Masada ○The 2nd Match 30min. Yuki Iino "Sexy" & Danshoku "Dandy" Dieno vs Hideki Okatani & Kazuma Sumi ○The 3rd Match Special 6-Man Tag Team Match 30min. HARASHIMA & Saori Anou & Yusuke Okada vs Kazuki Hirata & Saki Akai & Gouta Ihashi ○The 4th Match: Chain Death Match 30 min. Chris Brookes vs Demonio Uno ○The 5th Match The37KAMIINA vs BURNING! 30min. Yuki Ueno & MAO vs Tetsuya Endo & Yuya Korokou ○Semi-final HARIMAO vs DAMNATION T.A.! 30min. Kazusada Higuchi & Yuki Ishida vs Daisuke Sasaki & KANON ○Main Event " Electric Explosion" Trademark & Title Contest - Revival of the Legend! New Year Aerial Time Bomb & Current Blast Bat Death Match 30 min. Atsushi Onita & Shunma Katsumata & Toi Kojima vs Sanshiro Takagi & Akito & Soma Takao *A countdown begins as the match starts, and when 10 minutes have elapsed, a time bomb (using twice as much explosive as in the previous match) placed directly above the ring explodes, showering the ring with a large number of sparks. *If the Onita team loses, the trademark rights to "Current Bomb" held by Onita will be transferred to DDT Wrestling. *If the Takagi group loses, the winning wrestler will assume the position of the defeated wrestler (Takagi: president, Akito: vice president, Takao: manager). *This tournament includes explosion scenes, but the players and staff have received special instruction and safety considerations in conducting the matches. Please do not imitate it as it is dangerous."

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